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Strategy and value creation

Hemsö’s strategy is to own public properties with long-term lease agreements with predominantly public-sector tenants. The aim is that the business model will generate long-term stable returns.

This means that our tenants are mainly represented by the state, region and municipality, but to some extent also private operators. The value in Hemsö is created through knowledge of property and project development combined with long-term management and letting.

Business Model

Characterised by low risk and long-term stable returns due to:

  • Rising demand driven by demographic changes
  • Financially stable tenants
  • Long-term rental agreements
  • Low vacancies
  • Low sensitivity to economic fluctuations

Our core values

Our core values, Accessible, Reliable and Progressive, is the foundation for everything we do at Hemsö.

  • Accessible

    We are local, nationwide and close to our customers. We are attentive and always endeavour to create a meaningful dialogue. We are a reliable, accessible, highly approachable and cooperative partner.

  • Reliable

    We take responsibility for the properties we manage and ensure security by being a stable owner with stable finances. We live up to our commitments to tenants, employees and owners. We strive for sustainable development, promote the good of society and participate in public discussion of social matters.

  • Progressive

    We drive progress within the industry and develop proposals and properties based on customer requirements. We promote value generation through property development, develop our owner’s assets, and ensure that our employees have opportunities to develop.

Culture and values