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Vision and business concept

Hemsö strengthen the backbone of our society. We do this by developing, owning and managing public properties in a sustainable way. Our focus is the people who work and stay at our properties so that they get the right conditions for work, education, safety, development and care.


Hemsö’s vision is to strengthen the backbone of our society. The properties we develop and manage have a major impact at society as a whole. It’s in our properties we start our learning and where we summarize our life’s deeds.

If we continue to challenge old truths to find new sustainable paths, we will not only develop the world we live in, we will also contribute to a stronger and a better society for ourselves, our family, our friends and everyone else we do not know but care about.

Business concept

To sustainably own, manage and develop public properties.

Our offering

Hemsö offers premises adapted to specialized activities and to efficient property management within the following categories:

We enhance premises by carrying out extensions and conversions to meet new needs and requirements from our tenants. We are also a strategic partner to municipalities through the acquisition, management and enhancement of their properties.

What we offer

A well-functioning society contains developing school environments, safe premises for the judiciary as well as safe nursing homes and care places.

  • Grandpa playing a game together with his grandshild in his room at the nursing home.

    Public properties

    What you do often, you become good at. Hemsö’s core business is to develop and manage public properties.

    Properties for public use
  • Project development

    Hemsö continuously develops public properties. This gives us broad knowledge and experience in driving the development of modern, sustainable and operationally adapted premises.

    Project development
  • A four story building in modern building design.

    Our projects

    Hemsö has many exciting projects in its property portfolio. Some examples can be found here.

    Some of our projects
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