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Our mission and owner structure

Hemsö is Sweden's leading owner of public properties. Here you can read more about our mission, our owners, and the properties we own.

grandmother playing and taking care of her grandchild at home

Knowledge of premises for public services

Hemsö’s mission is to develop, own, and manage business-adapted premises for elderly care, education, the legal system, and healthcare. We offer flexibility and create environments where people thrive. With more than ten years’ experience of properties for public use, we have a good knowledge of the activities carried out in our premises and the specific requirements. By understanding and meeting our tenants’ needs, we build mutual trust that forms the basis for good, long-term customer relationships.

Tredje AP-fonden

Our owners

Hemsö is 85 per cent owned by AP3 (The third Swedish national pension fund) and 15 per cent by Sagax. AP3 is part of the Swedish public pension system and is tasked with managing and investing pension funds to ensure a favorable return over time. Sagax is a Swedish real estate company that invests in commercial properties.

To summarise, Hemsö is largely owned by the Swedish pension fund AP3, which is an important part of the Swedish pension system. Investments in public properties help to secure the return on pension funds and create stability in the pension system in the long term.

The Swedish pension system and AP3

The Swedish pension system is divided into three parts: the general pension, the occupational pension, and individual pension savings. The general pension is fundamental and funded through employer contributions and taxes. The occupational pension is voluntary and based on employees’ agreements with their employers. Individual pension savings are also voluntary and can be done through various savings methods, such as private pension insurance or investment in funds.

AP3 is one of the five pension funds that manage the premium pension component of the general pension system in Sweden. The premium pension is a part of the general pension where individuals can choose to invest a portion of their pension funds in various pension funds to earn returns on their investments. AP3 is one of the options that individuals can choose to invest their premium pension funds in.

By investing in Hemsö, AP3 acquires ownership in a company that owns and manages public properties, generating stable and long-term income. The returns from Hemsö thus contribute to strengthening AP3’s portfolio and improving the returns on pension funds.

In this way, Hemsö is linked to the Swedish pension system through its owner, AP3. Investing in the real estate sector creates opportunities for long-term growth and stability for pension funds, ultimately benefiting retirees and the sustainability of the pension system.

What we offer

A well-functioning society contains developing school environments, safe premises for the judiciary as well as safe nursing homes and care places.

  • Public properties

    What you do often, you become good at. Hemsö’s core business is to develop and manage public properties.

    Properties for public use
  • Project development

    Hemsö continuously develops public properties. This gives us broad knowledge and experience in driving the development of modern, sustainable and operationally adapted premises.

    Project development
  • A four story building in modern building design.

    Our projects

    Hemsö has many exciting projects in its property portfolio. Some examples can be found here.

    Some of our projects
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