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Older man with glasses, a hat and tattoos on his forearm looking out a window.

Safe and stimulating environments

Hemsö develops and manages environments that provide the conditions for everyone on our premises to be safe, evolve and grow to their full potential.

Environments with the right conditions

Demographic trends show that the population is growing and getting older, thus increasing the need for buildings for education and elderly care.

Stimulating learning environments

By creating modern, safe and secure schools and preschools, students and staff can focus on learning and development. Hemsö guides its customers when it is time to develop a modern school where areas can be shared, schoolyards are safe and energy use is optimised. When a building is constructed, there are often many requirements and wishes from the operators. Hemsö is a reliable partner in this process.

Children playing on the playground of one of Hemsö´s schools in Nacka.


The schoolyard lift

We have developed Skolgårdslyftet, a concept that aims to create safe schoolyards with areas for both play and rest.

Hemsö has made an inventory of its portfolio of preschool and school playgrounds and has carried out 50 school playground upgrades over five years. Research shows that a well-designed schoolyard benefits children and young people’s learning and performance.

Attractive living environments

A safe and secure nursing home should be accessible and welcoming for both residents and staff. It should be a place where older people feel respected and safe. As a property owner, we take our responsibility to ensure that our buildings are sustainable and maintain good standards for the people in them.

an elderly lady with character, red lipstick and big jewellery, sitting in front of a beautiful wallpaper with green oak leaves next to a bouquet of ranunculus.

The nursing home of the future

The most important thing for the very oldest people in our nursing homes is safe care and assistance, but also that little bit extra that adds the finishing touch to everyday life. Together with the staff, residents and their relatives, we are driving the development of the nursing home of the future.

Hemsö is implementing several digitalisation projects to further improve the environment for our tenants, including the Internetlyftet initiative, which provides fast and robust internet access in our nursing homes.

Intergenerational meetings

Hemsö strongly believes in generational buildings that enable meetings between young and old.

  • Preschool and nursing home in Upplands Väsby

    Hemsö has developed a new generation house with a preschool and nursing and care home in the Fyrklövern neighbourhood in Upplands Väsby. The new generation centre has room for 80 children and 80 elderly people. The design encourages interaction between the children and the seniors, with meeting places for the organisations both inside and in the courtyard.

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  • A girl visits her relative in a nursing home.

    School and nursing home in Gothenburg

    Hemsö has developed an unique project that combines a primary school and nursing home in a single building in the Sandarna neighbourhood in Gothenburg. Co-utilisation of premises creates meetings between residents at the nursing home and pupils at the school.

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  • The Hemsö Apple

    The Hemsö Apple is a tool that gives us and our tenants a holistic perspective to create sustainable and quality schools together.

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  • The Hemsö Flower

    The Hemsö Flower combines our own property expertise with our tenants’ operational knowledge and research related to the elderly and rooms for care.

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  • Tenant at Hemsö

    There are several advantages to involving a company like Hemsö in the strategy. By renting from us, capital is also released in a municipality, money that the municipality can use for other needs.

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