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Code of Conduct and Policies

Our Code of Conduct contains a number of principles that describe how we as employees at Hemsö are expected to act in our professional roles. The Code of Conduct is based on Hemsö's values: Accessible, Reliable and Progressive, as well as the UN Global Compact's ten principles on human rights, labour law, the environment and anti-corruption.

Anti-corruption and business ethics

Hemsö endeavours to act with the greatest possible credibility, honesty and transparency. This means acting in an ethical and professional manner and treating everyone with respect. We will maintain long-term relationships with the company's stakeholders and maintain high business ethics in our operations.

Hemsö´s Code of Conduct

We care about safety and respect for all people affected by our operations. When we have an open climate where we as workers dare to discuss, react and act, we also have a workplace where we thrive and feel good. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers sets out requirements for how the company’s suppliers should act.

Code of Conduct (pdf)

More about Hemsö

Hemsö is the leading owner of properties for public use in Sweden. The hallmarks of Hemsö´s business are long-term leases, stable tenants, and strong ownership.

  • Vision and business concept

    Hemsö’s vision is to strengthen the backbone of our society. The properties we develop and manage have a major impact at society.

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  • Our history

    From the very start, the company’s focus has been to own and manage properties for public sector tenants, such as the state, municipalities or county councils, who are responsible for the operations conducted on those premises.

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  • Our mission and owner structure

    Hemsö is Sweden’s leading owner of public properties. Here you can read more about our mission, our owners, and the properties we own.

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