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Swimming facilities

There is a great demand for new swimming facilities in Sweden. To help Swedish municipalities develop new and better swimming facilities, we have gathered the experts needed and can offer a collaboration model where everyone can do what they do best, from procurement to asset management.

A place for joy and health

A swimming facility should not be an expensive problem that is difficult to solve. It should be the center of events in every municipality – a place for joy, for health and for democracy. Where everyone is welcome to experience water in a safe way. It also fulfills an important function for association life as well as for wellness and health.

Swimming facilities is also the place for vital knowledge and long-term security. Swimming schools and swimming training save lives.


Today, 75 percent of all the country’s swimming facilities are older than 40 years and a gigantic need for investment is fast approaching. Swimming facilities are a municipal matter.

The Swedish National Agency for Education imposes knowledge requirements regarding swimming in the education plan. The municipalities need to meet the schools’ needs for swimming lessons and ensure that the swimming proficiency target is met.

Hemtag – specialists in collaboration

Hemsö and Tagebad formed the joint venture Hemtag in autumn 2021. It is owned by half each and has the task of developing, owning and managing swimming and wellness facilities.

Hemtag’s swimming facilities is developed with Tagebad’s specialist knowledge and experience in swimming and wellness facilities and with Hemsö’s long-term perspective, execution power and financial strength. The joint company offers municipalities and regions the opportunity to rent swimming facilities instead of owning them themselves. Together, we can contribute to more modern swimming facilities being built.

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