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Hemsö has listed bonds on the Irish Stock Market. Hemsö's information should be characterised by transparency and accessibility. Here you will find financial information and facts that affect you as an investor, analyst or those with a general interest in Hemsö.

  • Financial information

    Here you will find a summary of Hemsö’s financial position, key figures, financial reports, a list of properties and upcoming events.

    Financial information
  • Corporate Governance

    Hemsö’s corporate governance model encompasses various decision-making systems through which the owners directly and indirectly govern the company.

    Corporate Governance
  • Financing

    The overall objective of Hemsö’s financial operations is to ensure a long-term, stable capital structure, and to achieve the best possible net interest income within the given risk frameworks.


Annual and sustainability report

Read more about Hemsö in our annual and sustainability report. All reports are available for download here.

Financial reports

Hemsö in numbers

Hemsö is the leading owner of properties for public use in Sweden, managing and developing properties for nursing homes, education, healthcare and the justice system. Our operations are characterised by a long-term commitment and sustainability. The key figures below are for the period January-March 2024.

487 No.
Property value
84236 SEK million
Lettable area
2446 tsqm
Rental duration
9.4 years
Rental income
1283 SEK million
Profit from property management
591 SEK million

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IR contact

  • A man with browh hair,  a turtle neck shirt and a brown jacket.

    Rutger Källén

    CFO, Deputy CEO
    +46 8 501 170 35

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  • Carl-Johan Strandberg, finanschef på Hemsö

    Carl-Johan Strandberg

    Group Treasurer
    +46 8 501 171 16

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