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The nursing home of the future

There is an increased need for different forms of homes for the elderly. Regardless of where you are in life, the home must be suitable for what you need there and then.

an elderly lady with character, red lipstick and big jewellery, sitting in front of a beautiful wallpaper with green oak leaves next to a bouquet of ranunculus.

New ways of thinking

In many municipalities, there is a shortage of places in retirement homes, a shortage of staff, and the care needs and expectations of the elderly have to be met at the same time as the economy has to be balanced. In addition, demographic trends show that we are becoming both more numerous and older.

As a property owner, Hemsö plays an important role in creating favourable conditions for the nursing homes of the future. With our expertise and experience, in collaboration with the municipalities and those who live in our nursing homes, we help to think in new ways so that the operations to be conducted there have the best conditions. We want to meet our tenants’ needs in the best possible way – now and in the future.

An important part of life

We have identified the needs and motivations of the elderly, staff and relatives through in-depth interviews, observational visits to nursing homes, workshops, interviews with researchers and experts, and mapping opportunities in the field of welfare technology.

Time spent in a retirement home is an important part of life. The key to a good home is dedicated staff who make the residents feel comfortable and the relatives feel confident. We can contribute to this commitment in everything from ensuring that the property provides the best possible care and treatment to ensuring that staff have their own space for breaks and relaxation. We also help capture and implement good ideas for further development.

An illustration made by Madelen Lindgren, soft colours portraits of people, staff, relatives and elderly in nursing home environments.
Illustration: Madelen Lindgren

Hemsö’s nursing homes should be welcoming homes that invite visits, participation in the community, spaces for activities both indoors and outdoors, and easy access to everyday technology to watch films or have video calls with the family.

For the very oldest people living in our nursing homes, every day is extra important, both in terms of safe care and assistance, but also in terms of what makes everyday life worthwhile.

Together with staff, residents and their relatives, we are driving the development of the retirement home of the future.

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