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Our value chain

Through the value chain, we can see how and where we can influence our work to contribute to sustainable development in society and for Hemsö as a company.


Hemsö is continuously seeking opportunities in our geographic
areas where we can contribute by developing and improving social infrastructure. We identify potential sustainability risks in the acquisition phase, but also opportunities for positive impacts.

Project initiation

When Hemsö’s project development receives a new project, we always conduct a feasibility study, regardless of whether the project is a new construction or a refurbishment. The conditions are set here for how the property should look, function for the actual activity, and be constructed. Setting the conditions for sustainable projects at such an early stage has a major impact on the upcoming process.

Procurement contracting

Our impact at this stage is mainly through requirements for ethics and good working conditions, respect for human rights, professionalism, objectivity and fair treatment. In addition, there are also environmental effects in the form of transportation
for project activities.

Refurbishment or new development

We have an impact on the climate whether we are constructing a
new building or refurbishing, but the impacts of new development are greater. The main causes of emissions in new development are building materials, transportation and materials management. The main causes of emissions from completed buildings are Hemsö’s choice of energy systems, and the design, location and construction of the building. When we construct and develop our properties, we also have a major impact on people’s daily lives – students in schools, elderly people in homes, and employees. Our properties are designed with a focus on user needs, and we support the activities of our tenants in the best possible way.

Long-term management

We combine development projects with long-term management and letting. Our portfolio comprises a total of 488 properties in health care, school, nurcing homes and the justice system that are taken care of by our property management organisation. In daily management routines, there are several areas where we can impact the environment, climate change and the health, safety and security of the building’s users.


Our employees are our success factor. We want be an attractive
employer for new employees, while also striving to retain and develop our existing employees. Hemsö has 169 employees in Sweden, Finland and Germany.

Capital back to Swedish pensioners

Our profits are mainly returned to Sweden’s pensioners via our largest owner, the Third Swedish National Pension Fund. By meeting the growing need for social infrastructure, Hemsö is contributing to an important social function and creating sustainable growth for Swedish pensions.