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Our offering

A well-functioning society has motivational learning environments, safe premises for the justice system, and secure nursing homes and hospital beds. These form the backbone of a country’s social welfare. Hemsö strengthen the backbone of society through sustainable ownership, management, and development of the public properties.

Students hanging around by the lockers in a corridor at their new school.

Sustainable public properties

Hemsö primarily works with public-sector tenants such as the state, municipalities, and regions, but also with private operators in the care, healthcare, and education sectors. A growing population imposes major demands on the public sector to meet the increased need for sustainable public properties.

Many municipalities choose to work with a private real estate company such as Hemsö to meet this need. There are advantages in leasing a property instead of owning it. Today, many municipalities have a mix of ownership and rental solutions.

With Hemsö as a property owner, tenants have a stable and secure partner. We have chosen to focus on what we are good at – developing, owning, and managing properties for public use.

Why you should choose Hemsö

Hemsö’s size, geographical spread and long experience of public sector properties enable us to meet our tenants’ needs today and in the future.

  • As Sweden’s leading owner of properties for public use, we drive development in the industry.
  • As a long-term property company with a stable owner and good finances, we are an attractive landlord and partner for our tenants.
  • With fifteen years’ experience of managing and developing community properties, we are credible in our dialogue with municipalities and other decision-makers.
  • We are nationwide with a local presence, which allows us to meet the needs of national as well as local actors.
  • Our range of premises for public services is continuously growing through property development and acquisitions. This gives our tenants the opportunity to find new premises without changing landlords.
  • We have long experience of project development and can continuously offer better quality and more cost-effective construction. Municipalities may do this every ten years, while Hemsö does it every year.
  • Hemsö’s profit goes back to Sweden’s pensioners through the Third Swedish National Pension Fund’s ownership.

Tenant at Hemsö – a good deal for everyone

With Hemsö as property owner, tenants get a stable and secure partner. We have chosen to focus on what we are good at – developing, owning and managing properties for public use.

  • Grandpa playing a game together with his grandchild in his room at the nursing home.

    Properties for public use

    Public properties are properties for nursing homes, education, healthcare and the justice system. The properties that form the backbone of our society. Our properties are characterised by good quality, long leases and stable tenants.

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  • A man sits reading a book on the pleasant and blooming roof terrace of the sköndalsvillan nursing home in tyresö, Sweden.

    Project development

    Projects are developed under own management, and in collaboration with partner companies. Hemsö’s collaboration model is based on Hemsö’s use of knowledge and experience through a mutual and ongoing dialogue with the future user of the building, and the suppliers involved in the projects.


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  • A four story building in modern building design.

    Our projects

    Hemsö has many exciting projects in its property portfolio. Some examples can be found here.

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We create safe and stimulating environments

Property portfolio

Hemsö manages a portfolio of public properties characterised by high quality, long rental agreements, and stable tenants. Key figures as of 30 June 2024.

487 No.
Property value
82.1 SEK billion
Nursing home
241 No.
154 No.
Health care
63 No.
Justice system
29 No.
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More about Hemsö

Hemsö is the leading owner of properties for public use in Sweden. The hallmarks of Hemsö´s business are long-term leases, stable tenants, and strong ownership.

  • Vision and business concept

    Hemsö’s vision is to strengthen the backbone of our society. The properties we develop and manage have a major impact at society.

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  • Our history

    From the very start, the company’s focus has been to own and manage properties for public sector tenants, such as the state, municipalities or county councils, who are responsible for the operations conducted on those premises.

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  • Our mission and owner structure

    Hemsö is Sweden’s leading owner of public properties. Here you can read more about our mission, our owners, and the properties we own.

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