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Diversity and inclusion

We aim to employ people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This helps to broaden the company’s knowledge base and create a more dynamic work environment. Variation in terms of gender, age and background is important for Hemsö’s development and competitiveness.

An equal workplace

Hemsö has zero tolerance for harassment and a clear preventive work. We regularly measure and follow up on this in our employee survey, among other things.

We also work actively to achieve an equal workplace, both in terms of gender diversity and equal pay for equal work. Creating a working climate that is characterised by diversity is a long-term and extensive effort. It involves creating the conditions for utilising all employees’ individual abilities and assets, and also working to prevent discrimination, bullying and prejudice.

  • Code of Conduct

    The Hemsö Code of Conduct contains a set of
    principles that describe how we, as colleagues
    and professionals, are expected to act.

    Code of Conduct (pdf)
  • Culture and values

    The desire to achieve sustainable development for ourselves and our
    tenants runs like a golden thread through Hemsö’s culture.

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  • Health and work-life balance

    We encourage work-life balance, exercise and a long-term focus on health.

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