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Help us do the right thing


Hemsö aspires to promote a transparent business climate with sound business ethics. At the core of such efforts is the safety of and respect for everyone affected by our operations.

Our long-term success will be based on the ethical guidelines and business ethics provided in the Hemsö Code of Conduct. In addition to the Hemsö Code of Conduct, there is a Supplier Code of Conduct.

Primarily, we urge you to contact your closest supervisor at Hemsö or the HR department if you have concerns regarding serious suspected misconduct or malpractice. If you should feel that you are not comfortable with sharing your information in person, we offer a secure channel for anonymous reporting and communication. This service is provided by an external party: WhistleB, the Whistleblowing Centre.

  • When can you use the whistleblowing service?

    The whistleblower service can be used to provide information about a suspicion of a situation that is not in line with Hemsö’s values and ethical principles and that could seriously affect the company’s organisation or a person’s life or health.

    Submit an anonymous report
  • Code of Conduct

    The Code of Conduct describes how we act in our daily work based on our values, vision, commitments and expectations, and provides guidance for employees and other stakeholders.

    Code of conduct and policies