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A man sits reading a book on the pleasant and blooming roof terrace of the sköndalsvillan nursing home in tyresö, Sweden.

Project development in collaboration

Projects are developed under own management, and in collaboration with partner companies. Hemsö’s collaboration model is based on Hemsö’s use of knowledge and experience through a mutual and ongoing dialogue with the future user of the building, and the suppliers involved in the projects.

Sustainable properties – from idea to realisation

Hemsö is a long-term owner of public properties and when we establish us in a municipality or region, we intend to stay. We take responsibility for the entire value chain, from idea to management.

Children climbing in a large net in a schoolyard playground, while sun is shining bright

Great need for new schools and nursing homes

The challenge facing the public sector is to build many new public properties in the coming years. For most municipalities and regions, new construction is carried out at several year intervals, whereas Hemsö is continuously developing public properties. That gives us broad knowledge and experience in the development of modern, sustainable, and purpose-built properties that also have good property management economics.

A girl in a consruction west and helmet with Hemsö´s logo on it

Collaboration and transparency

We work with collaboration in a structured way where the parties work together for the good of the project in an open and transparent dialogue. Honesty and openness between the parties is a basic condition for good co-operation. All parties are involved early in the process to reach a consensus on the design of the property.

Having common and clear goals ensures a modern and purposeful property with good functionality from both an operational and management perspective. Within the framework of cooperation, we can also develop long-term sustainable solutions that affect the overall economy of the project and thus provide more benefits to society.

Children playing football in summer

The security of long-term collaboration

Long-term collaboration and responsibility also form the basis of the collaboration agreements we have signed with several Swedish municipalities, such as Kungälv, Uddevalla, Trelleborg and Bjuv.

Collaboration provides synergy effects as knowledge and experience from both parties is utilised and passed on in all projects. This knowledge gives us the opportunity to drive development and innovation for both cost-effective and well-adapted public properties based on the operations’ needs.

We are pleased to have Hemsö as a stable and long-term partner.

Hemsö has extensive knowledge and experience of developing good school premises. In addition to a modern and flexible school, we will also have new sports halls and cultural facilities. The new Stavsborg School will be a lift for Älta.

Mats Gerdau
Chairman of the municipal executive board, Nacka municipality
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Some of our projects

  • Th combined school and nursing home in Gothenburg.

    School and nursing home in Gothenburg

    Hemsö has developed a unique project with a primary school and a home for the elderly combined in one and the same building.

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  • Campus Tensta

    The vision is to create Campus Tensta, a place that once again is buzzing with life and characterized by high-quality education.

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  • Nursing home in Tyresö

    Sweden’s first ZeroCO2-certified nursing home.

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Head of Project development
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