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At Hemsö, we do more than just build and manage properties. We create living environments with people in focus. Our vision is to strengthen the backbone of society, and we do this by providing nursing homes, schools, and hospital beds in the community.

Kronan, Luleå, vårdboende, Hemsö

Long-term community developer

At Hemsö, we want to reduce the footprint of our operations while increasing the long-term sustainability of our properties. This is why we build with care, always with people in focus and act responsibly at every level.

We know that there are negative impacts on the environment and climate when we build and manage these properties. The construction industry accounts for a large proportion of emissions in Europe, so the industry and we need to undergo a transition.

Sustainability goals and ambitions

Sustainability permeates everything we do. We certify our properties for sustainability and work actively to reduce our environmental impact and energy use.

Selected sustainability goals and ambitions:

  • All new production must be environmentally certified.
  • In a comparable portfolio (Sweden), energy reduction should amount to at least three per cent per year.
  • Achieve net zero emissions throughout the value chain (scope 1, 2 and 3) by 2040.
  • Vision zero in terms of accidents related to our properties.
  • Engagement index to be at least 77 per cent.
  • Customer satisfaction index of at least 75 out of 100.
  • Return on equity to be at least 15 per cent on average over a five-year period.

sustainable framework

Sustainable Financing

Hemsö was the first company in the Nordic region (2016) to issue a sustainable bond. In addition to environmental sustainability, we also include social sustainability aspects and investments in the bonds.

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Society and our responsibility

As property owners, we have an important role in society. Through cooperation with various organisations, we contribute to a more inclusive society.

Three dimensions of sustainability

  • A group of vhildren that are playing together in a pleasant outdoor environment

    People in focus

    For Hemsö, social sustainability means contributing to the development of a society that prioritises human needs and well-being.

    Social sustainability
  • Build with care

    By building with care, where the life cycle of the property is always in focus, we ensure circular construction.

    Environment and climate
  • Responsible at all levels

    Responsibility is in our DNA. It is one of our values that guides us in always doing the right thing at every level.

    Responsible business conduct


Karolina Brick, Head of Sustainability at Hemsö

Karolina Brick

Head of Sustainability
+46 8 501 170 40

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