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A group of vhildren that are playing together in a pleasant outdoor environment

Social sustainability

Within our organisation, social sustainability means that our employees should feel good and develop. Externally, it is about how our activities affect and create opportunities both for those who visit our properties and for those who live and work in the areas where we are located.

Older man with glasses, a hat and tattoos on his forearm looking out a window.

People in focus

For Hemsö, social sustainability means helping to develop a society that focuses on human needs and well-being.

We work to ensure that our buildings and outdoor environments are safe, healthy and stimulating. In our role as a property owner, we strive to ensure that no accidents occur and to contribute to more socially sustainable environments and to provide better conditions for our tenants’ operations, all of which are important pillars of a sustainable society.


Campus Tensta

Access to good education is a key factor for belief in the future and positive life choices. Our vision is to create Campus Tensta – an educational campus where students of different ages and from all over Stockholm meet. We want to incorporate upper secondary school, adult education and even higher education in the premises, together with activities for culture, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Through this long-term and major investment in Tensta, we can, together with our partners, make a big difference for the students, their families and society as a whole.

Intergenerational meetings

Hemsö strongly believes in generational buildings that enable meetings between young and old.

  • Preschool and nursing home in Upplands Väsby

    Hemsö has developed a new generation house with a preschool and nursing and care home in the Fyrklövern neighbourhood in Upplands Väsby. The new generation centre has room for 80 children and 80 elderly people. The design encourages interaction between the children and the seniors, with meeting places for the organisations both inside and in the courtyard.

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  • A girl visits her relative in a nursing home.

    School and nursing home in Gothenburg

    Hemsö has developed an unique project that combines a primary school and nursing home in a single building in the Sandarna neighbourhood in Gothenburg. Co-utilisation of premises creates meetings between residents at the nursing home and pupils at the school.

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Children playing on the playground of one of Hemsö´s schools in Nacka.


The schoolyard lift

We have developed Skolgårdslyftet, a concept that aims to create safe schoolyards with areas for both play and rest.

Hemsö has made an inventory of its portfolio of preschool and school playgrounds and has carried out 50 school playground upgrades over five years. Research shows that a well-designed schoolyard benefits children and young people’s learning and performance.


We want our colleagues, tenants and investors to be proud of what we do today and tomorrow. This is what we believe is the key to an infinitely sustainable workplace and company.

  • Culture and values

    The desire to achieve sustainable development for ourselves and our
    tenants runs like a golden thread through Hemsö’s culture.

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  • Health and work-life balance

    We aim to be a health leader by taking a proactive approach to health and well-being at work

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  • Diversity and inclusion

    Variation in terms of gender, age and background is important for Hemsö’s development
    and competitiveness.

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