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Hemsö's vision is to strengthen the backbone of society. Today, that backbone also includes digital infrastructure.

A photo taken from above of one of Hemsö´s properties on Gotland, infrastructure like roads, parking lots and the architectural building itself is shown in the image

Digitalization requires collaboration

For Hemsö, digitalization means that in our traditional asset management we also take responsibility for our properties becoming a platform for digitalization. Not just for ourselves. But also for our tenants and everyone who stays in the buildings. We call it the smart property.

In a complex and interconnected digital world, collaboration is required. Our digital ventures cover several dimensions; infrastructure, data, services and the interface to the users – but also visions and experiences about how we can meet and utilize the opportunities of technology in the future.

From infrastructure to welfare technology

We take responsibility for the platform for the welfare technology which can be built into the property. In this, we collaborate intensively with both the tenants’ operations and the best technology and service providers. The digitalization of the properties affects all levels, from infrastructure for optimized operation and maintenance of the property itself, to new solutions for user and business benefit.

Our role as property developers and managers is to create a platform for digitalisation.

Fredrik Hörnsten, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Hemsö

An intensive digitalization journey

Digitalization is important to make Hemsö’s operation even better. Therefore, we are further increasing the pace of the digitalization of our operations and have strengthened the organization, both regionally and centrally, in order to gain more momentum. Right now, we are working intensively with digital transformation in several projects, both with a focus on efficient common platforms and on smart services for tenants and users of our properties.


Fredrik Hörnsten

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
+46 8-501 171 12

Fredrik Hörnsten