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Xoworkera having a meeting in the Hemsö office in Berlin, Germany.

Financial information

Here you will find a summary of Hemsö's financial position, key figures, financial reports and upcoming events.

  • Financial reports

    Here you will find Hemsö’s interim reports and annual reports in PDF format.

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  • Multi-year overview and key figures

    Here is Hemsö’s balance sheet and income statement for in-depth information and download.

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  • Financial calendar

    Here you can see upcoming financial events.

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Hemsö in summary

Jan-Sep 2023jan-Sep 20222022
Rental income, SEK million3,5983,0054,073
Profit from property management, SEK million1,7851,7982,309
Profit/loss after tax, SEK million-1,6483,9702,563
Operationg cash flow, SEK million1,7121,6672,160
Loan-to-value ratio, %59.254.856,7
Interest-coverage ratio, times3.15.54.7
Market value of properties, SEK million84,36985,00484,879
NOI margin, %75.474.874.0
Economic occupancy rate, %97.797.997.9
Rental duration, years9.59.89.6
Number of properties485468480
Lettable area, tsqm2,4522,3392,400

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  • Sustainable bonds

    Hemsö has issued bonds under an EMTN programme for several years. As part of the company’s sustainability work, a framework has been drafted enabling the issuance of sustainable, green and social bonds.

    Hemsö’s Sustainable Framework
  • Responsible Business Conduct

    Hemsö’s sustainability initiatives are embedded in the company’s operations and governed by both external frameworks and internal policies and guidelines.

    Framework and guidelines
  • Code of Conduct and Policies

    Our code of conduct contains a number of principles that describe how we as employees at Hemsö are expected to act in our professional roles. Hemsö strives to act with credibility, honesty and openness.

    Code of Conduct and Policies

IR contact

  • A man with browh hair,  a turtle neck shirt and a brown jacket.

    Rutger Källén

    CFO, Deputy CEO
    +46 8 501 170 35

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  • Carl-Johan Strandberg, finanschef på Hemsö

    Carl-Johan Strandberg

    Group Treasurer
    +46 8 501 171 16

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