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Elina Johansson

My name is Elina Johansson and I am a business project manager at Hemsö in Germany. Hemsö owns many nursing homes in Germany and I work on expanding our property portfolio in the country.

Elina Johansson, business project manager at Hemsö in Berlin

– Once I have found a suitable property, we examine the property from a technical, financial and legal perspective, so that we always focus on sustainability from all aspects. Once we have finalised the contract negotiations, I hand over the property to my management colleagues.

– At the time of handover, the necessary maintenance actions on the newly acquired properties are already planned. This approach ensures a good relationship with our tenants and is an essential part of our business model. Our long-term perspective gives our tenants the security of knowing that we are there for them for a long time to come.

– The thing that drives me in my work for Hemsö is that I can look all stakeholders in the eye with a clear conscience – both colleagues and tenants – I am keen that what we buy should be good for everyone.