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Chief Digital Officer (CDO), STOCKHOLM

Fredrik Hörnsten

My name is Fredrik Hörnsten and I am Chief Digital Officer at Hemsö. I drive both Hemsö's internal digitisation through new work tools and digitisation of our properties so that they become smarter and help us in the property management process.

– By digitizing the process from conception to management, we build in intelligent solutions. This may involve digital twins that collect scattered building information and allow us to visit the building virtually from a distance for easier and more accurate management, or AI solutions that optimize a building’s indoor climate. Being able to contribute to concrete changes in management and a more comfortable indoor climate for our tenants while reducing our energy consumption and contributing to a more sustainable society makes me both happy and proud.

Hemsö understands the power of digitalization , that it drives change and positive development. I also have many driven colleagues who give me great job satisfaction and momentum in the digital transformation.

A photo taken from above of one of Hemsö´s properties on Gotland, infrastructure like roads, parking lots and the architectural building itself is shown in the image

Digitalization – as natural as running water

– The long-term nature of Hemsö’s business, combined with our knowledge and experience of project development and management, enables us to build bridges that connect municipalities, healthcare operators, technology companies and others. When we build sustainable digital infrastructure into our properties, we create better conditions for both ourselves and our tenants. This means that together we strengthen the backbone of society. Our tenants are as interested in new technology as we are, and soon digitalization will be as natural in a property as running water in the taps.