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Hanna Tengberg

My name is Hanna Tengberg and I am a project developer in Region West, Gothenburg. In my role, I am involved in the early stages both when we develop our properties and in acquisitions.

Hanna Tengberg, project developer at Hemsö in Gothenburg, Sweden

I thrive when I can work close to the customer and meet the needs of the business in the property. Together with my colleagues, suppliers and customers, we plan based on the opportunities and needs of the specific municipality with which we cooperate. We set a common goal that we then work towards. This means that we have the right conditions to create something really good for those who will use the building when it is completed.

In recent years, I have run several collaboration agreements with municipalities in the west. This means closer and more long-term cooperation with the municipalities as we are planning several joint projects. We work closely together and get to know each other in a rewarding way, which creates a good climate of cooperation. Kungälv municipality is one example. There we are developing a school, a retirement home and several Nordic Ecolabelled preschools – exciting projects with a committed customer.

Another project that means a lot to me is the combined primary school and retirement home in Gothenburg, which I have been involved in the development of. Having these two activities in the same property is unique and gives everyone involved great benefits. They can co-utilise functions and spaces, and get good conditions for cooperation between the activities as the different generations can meet in a natural way. Here I involved a child psychologist to capture the child perspective in the property development. I’m delighted and believe that this will benefit everyone in the building.

Both I and Hemsö have a strong commitment to sustainability, so I’m particularly proud of these projects. I want to broaden the field of vision and take a step further so that our properties contribute in every way to sustainable social development.