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Property manager, Malmö

Henrik Orup

My name is Henrik Orup and I am a property manager at Hemsö. I see myself as the spider in the web, I manage contracts, financial follow-up and order remodelling projects in our properties.

Henrik Orup, project manager at Hemsö in Malmö

– In the properties where we have several tenants, it becomes a bit of a puzzle of needs and solutions that will benefit everyone, which is fun. A close dialogue with the tenants, where we frequently meet, is crucial to understanding their needs and deciding together what we should do. We have updated many outdoor environments at our retirement homes and schools. There we develop solutions together with the organisation, architects and contractors. It feels good to create something beautiful that stimulates and pleases those who spend time, live and work in our properties.

– Hemsö’s short decision paths, the fact that we have the financial scope to make changes for our tenants and the fantastic team spirit are crucial for me to be able to do a good job. Thanks to a trusting and unpretentious collaboration with both my colleagues and our tenants, I have very enjoyable working days.