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Technical Manager, Stockholm

Karim Ramzi

My name is Karim Ramzi and I am a technical manager at Hemsö in the East Region, Stockholm. In my job, no two days are the same, as I work with several different properties in education, elderly care and the legal system.

Karim Ramzi, Technical manager at Hemsö in Stockholm

– Even though the operations are different, my focus is the same – that the properties meet the needs of the tenants so that they are satisfied. I am responsible for operations, maintenance and development. In practice, this means that I develop maintenance plans that describe the property’s future needs, such as renovation and remodelling.

– My favourite issue is energy and climate, to help create sustainable properties and have a positive impact on the climate. I develop customised solutions for the properties’ technical installations, which contributes to a better indoor climate for our tenants and at the same time protects the environment. A lot is happening in the field as technology is constantly evolving, it is an exciting journey we are on. Being able to do this with the great team we have at Hemsö means a lot. Everyone does their best to ensure that our tenants can run their operations in the best possible way, and that feels very good.