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Project Manager, Helsinki

Kirsi Viheriäranta

My name is Kirsi Viheriäranta and I am a project manager at Hemsö in Helsinki. I get involved in the project at an early stage, from when the building permit is approved.

Kirsi Viheriäranta

My main task is to be the tenant’s contact person and take care of the needs and concerns that arise – and keep the designers and contractors informed about them.

– I have a background in renovation and refurbishment projects, so in development projects I am responsible for analysing technical feasibility and costs.

– The longer I’ve been in the industry, the more important I’ve found it to be about the company’s values and how it is as an employer. At Hemsö, these issues are highly prioritised, so when I got the offer, it was easy to say yes. I think social well-being and equality in society are important, and I’m delighted to be part of a company whose projects contribute to positive development in these areas.