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Project Manager, Gothenburg

Magdalena Låstbom

My name is Magdalena Låstbom and I'm a project manager at Hemsö. I have overall responsibility for the success of my construction projects.

Magdalena Låstbom, Project Manager at Hemsö in Gothenburg

– This means that the property must be completed on time, that we stay within the agreed costs and that our customers who will be operating in the premises are satisfied. My responsibility is also to ensure a good building for Hemsö’s management, since we develop, own and manage the properties in the long term.

– Close dialogue with tenants and contractors is important in my role in order to create something really good together, and I have external project managers, consultants and contractors to help me.

Sandarna, combined nursing home and school in Gothenburg, Sweden

– One project that I am particularly proud of is the combined primary school and retirement home that we have developed in Gothenburg. The two activities are conducted in the same property, including common meeting places and activities where the residents of the retirement home and the students at the school can meet and have a fruitful exchange across the generations.

– My construction skills help to create something that makes life better for the people who will spend time in the building, which in turn contributes to a better society. It warms my heart.