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Project manager, Västerås

Mattias Lindström

My name is Mattias Lindström and I am a project manager in the North region, Västerås. I am responsible for new production projects – from procurement to completion of the property.

Mattias Lindström, projektchef på Hemsö i Västerås

– It is my responsibility to ensure that the project has sufficient resources to achieve the end result that both the tenant and Hemsö expect. To succeed in this, it’s important to work closely with both the tenant and Hemsö’s administration, as we both own and manage the finished building. “I really like working with new production, it’s a cool experience to go from a drawing and something unbuilt to seeing the result of a completed building.

– One example is the development of the Södra Källtorp neighbourhood in Västerås. Here we have developed a preschool, sheltered housing, a retirement home and a sports centre. New homes are also being built in the area by other organisations. All this together creates a vibrant neighbourhood with activity both during the day and in the evening, which creates security for everyone regardless of the time of day.

Project development in collaboration

– It is both rewarding and fun to do this together with the City of Västerås – they are active, curious and committed. Västerås is a growing municipality with a major need for new school places and nursing home places, and I am pleased that we at Hemsö can help them meet this need. In our collaboration, we get the best of both worlds. Our different experiences, knowledge and perspectives come into their own and together we create a very good end result for everyone involved.

– Working together towards a common goal, where everyone involved is active throughout the process, makes my job very stimulating and fun. I am proud to be able to contribute with modern, energy-efficient and sustainable properties that make a big difference for those who will work and live in them.