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Regional manager, South region

Max Alsborn

Max tells us about his role as Regional Manager at Hemsö.

Max Alsborn, Regional Manager, South region at Hemsö in Malmö.

Max is Regional Manager at Hemsö and responsible for the South region – a role with varied tasks and contact areas where everything is done in close collaboration with management, project development and central functions.

The day is usually booked with meetings, both internal and external with various actors such as municipalities, customers and partners. In addition to the meetings, the day also includes being out and about as much as possible to meet and get to know customers and properties. The vision is to continue to deliver according to the Hemsö model and to have an agile mindset, working methods and leadership, as the outside world and regional conditions can change quickly.

Max has previously worked with commercial properties, which has given him solid experience in the industry. Working with commercial properties has taught him a lot about public properties and Hemsö’s commitment to society since he started working at the company in January 2023.

– I have been watching Hemsö for a long time and have always had a very positive view of the company. What attracted me most was the opportunity to work with a different focus in the real estate industry, and to work with something that contributes positively to society and provides better conditions and environments for children, young people and the elderly.