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Tax policy

Hemsö's tax management follows the company's Tax Policy, which essentially entails that Hemsö strives to pay the correct tax in all countries in which it operates. Hemsö continuously monitors changes in law and legal practice to ensure that its tax management complies with applicable laws and regulations.

Evaluation of the company’s tax management is an integral part of the company’s business decisions and general risk management. This evaluation also accounts for brand and reputation risk.

Hemsö acquires operations because this is aligned with the company’s business model, not to obtain tax advantages. When making acquisitions, Hemsö follows all applicable laws and regulations in the most tax-efficient manner.

The company maintains a responsible approach to tax and does not operate in grey areas or engage in aggressive tax planning. Aggressive tax planning refers to transactions that serve no other business purpose than to reduce tax liability, or to transactions that could erode Hemsö’s reputation and standing as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Hemsö’s contact with the tax authorities in each country is characterised by openness and transparency. The company openly discloses the guiding principles of its tax management to its stakeholders, as well as its tax liability. Hemsö also demands that its suppliers and contractors comply with applicable tax legislation.