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Full of activity from morning to night  

Training chain Nordic Wellness got a flagship facility, Lund got a sports centre and the people of Lund got a training facility with everything and more. 

Nordic Wellness already had two facilities in Lund, but the third – Sportcenter in S:t Larsparken – is something truly special.

“One month after we opened, we had 1,300 members and we’re still growing fast. We are more than happy with the new Sports Centre in Lund,” says Annika Hult, head of establishment and management at Nordic Wellness. 

Annika Hult, responsible for establishment and management, Nordic Wellness

Inaugurated in late summer 2023, the 4,700 square metre facility is leased for ten years by Nordic Wellness and includes a full-size sports facility, padel courts and a gym.

Perfect combination

“It’s the perfect combination. On weekdays, we rent out the sports hall in Lund to six independent schools in the area. We are also hoping to develop collaboration with the municipality and associations in order to rent out the centre more frequently on evenings and weekends,” says Annika Hult. 
The gym and the padel courts are open everyday from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. That means that the Sports Centre in Lund is creating activity in the area for most of the day.  

Annika Hult cannot praise the facility enough and the opportunity for all ages to take part in activities – from physical education in schools to padel, training for seniors, children’s dance and group training classes in the sports hall. At the same time, the project in Lund was not without its challenges, especially when planning activities on four floors. 

“For example, we had to lift the padel courts into the second floor nearly one year before the inauguration, before the façade was finished. And we had to lift the machines into the two top floors of the gym with telescopic loaders through a gate in the padel courts.   

“But everything went well due to good collaboration and planning,” says Annika Hult and praises the responsiveness of Oskar Wernram and Dennis Flink, both project managers for Hemsö.  


She points to a number of advantages with the new Sports Centre in St Larsparken: the large sports hall that can be divided with a sliding wall, the generous areas for all forms of individual and group training, and the location close to public transport and free parking for anyone who comes by car. 

The climate-smart solutions are another big plus. The roof of the Sports Centre is covered with solar panels. There are ten electric car chargers in the garage with room for another ten places. The Sports Centre is also connected to St Larsparken and Hemsö’s district heating network, which takes energy from its own aquifier storage, where cooling and heating are stored seasonally in a natural groundwater well. 

“The entire facility is fantastic with so many activities for all ages. The Sports Centre in Lund is a bit of a show-off facility,” she says with a smile.

Annika Hult

responsible for establishment and management, Nordic Wellness

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