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How we create value through digitalization

Automating processes and using digital tools can streamline workflows, reduce climate impact and save time. In addition, it can lead to cost savings in the long run.

At Hemsö, we continue to invest in digitalization. We do this to work more efficiently with our properties, reduce our climate footprint and thereby increase the value of our portfolio.

Now, we are also breaking down the planned digitalization gains into saved money. The vision is that digitalization will lead to savings of 50 Swedish kronor per square meter in our properties by 2030.

An investment should always create economic value. Therefore, it is important that we now make calculations and assessments to see what concrete economic results our digitalization journey could lead to.

Rutger Källén, CFO and Deputy CEO at Hemsö

Although the calculations are based on assumptions and many small efficiency gains in various parts of the operation, I am convinced that if we all help out, we will significantly reduce our costs overall, said Rutger Källén.

Requires new ways of working

The improvements will have an impact in many areas. Smarter ways of working, decisions based on data, the ability to manage properties remotely, and more accurate energy optimization are just a few examples.

It’s about many small streams contributing to the whole. The greatest potential lies within indoor climate and heating, followed by construction drawings and measurement, searching and finding information, reduced transportation, and efficiency improvements in various processes.

Although we are already beginning to see the benefits of digitalization, they do not happen by themselves.

Fredrik Hörnsten, CDO at Hemsö

To achieve and even exceed the savings potential in the calculation, we need to develop our ways of working and achieve a higher digital maturity, but also continue to invest in both software and hardware, said Fredrik Hörnsten.

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Rutger Källén

CFO, Deputy CEO

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Fredrik Hörnsten


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