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The Hemsö Gift: “Added a silver lining to our everyday life”

Every year, Hemsö awards the Hemsö Gift with the vision of facilitating and enriching the everyday lives of the people who spend time at our properties. In 2023, the Hemsö Gift was awarded to schools and educational organisations. Four recipients explain how the gift has been used in their operations.

Fröken Flora’s preschool in Linghem bought new outdoor furniture for the children. The three low, round picnic tables are much appreciated.

– The picnic tables are a gathering place and a hub for the children outdoors where they paint, sunbathe and have fruit time, says principal Malin Westmarker.

This is a great initiative by Hemsö and we are super happy!

Malin Wistmarker, Principal, Fröken Flora's preschool

Water play, cycling and snail hunting

Cypressens preschool in Malmö received a set of outdoor water play equipment. It is a wooden constellation with curved logs that children use to move and play with water. They can be set at different heights to allow water to flow freely.

– We use it in our outdoor activities. Water is fascinating and a cool material to explore. The Hemsö gift is a fantastic initiative, says preschool teacher Veronica Lindgren.

We had never been able to buy the material ourselves, and it turned out great with water play in our yard.

Veronica Lindgren, Preschool teacher at Cypressens preschool

Blommor preschool in Malmö received a contribution for outdoor materials such as a bicycle, games, nature exploration materials and materials for doing various experiments.

– It’s very popular, especially the big bike that acts as a taxi in the yard. The natural material that is used to look for snails, insects and bugs is also much appreciated, says preschool teacher Elma Nikolic.

Materials for cultivation are popular

Apelsinens preschool in Alingsås received materials for the greenhouse, resulting in cultivation boxes outside the and shelves inside the greenhouse.

This is a great opportunity to improve the environment we have.

Malin Rosén, Principal at Apelsinens preschool

– We want to cultivate a lot and work with circularity –  from soil to table -–  but also help the pollinators in our neighbourhood. It helps us in our teaching, says principal Malin Rosén.

The Hemsö gift has been used to buy cultivation boxes and materials for the greenhouse at Apelsinens preschool.


Karin Sundh

Communications officer

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The Hemsö Gift shall:

  • go to activities in Hemsö’s properties
  • be outside Hemsö’s regular operations (e.g. do not replace renovations)
  • not replace what the tenant normally pays for with their own funds
  • go to something that can be used by both staff and students/residents over a longer period of time (e.g. greenhouses and sandboxes, not parties and dinners).