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Hemsö acquires property for establishment of family centre in Finland

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Hemsö is acquiring a property for conversion into a municipal family centre in Espoo outside Helsinki in Finland. The property will undergo extensive refurbishment, and a 10-year rental agreement has been signed with the City of Espoo. The total investment amount is approximately EUR 22 million.

The property has a lettable area of 4,900 sqm and is located in central Espoo in the Capital Region of Helsinki. The planned family centre will be run by the City of Espoo and gather all types of assistance and support for families with children under one roof. The services will include maternity care, family counselling, paediatric rehabilitation and family social work.

“This collaboration with the City of Espoo is especially gratifying for us, because it is our first property with the City as our tenant. Hopefully it will lead to more joint projects, because the City will be growing over the next few years,” says Simo Karjalainen, Head of Project Development at Hemsö.

Hemsö will start an extensive refurbishment of the building in March 2021. The project is scheduled for completion in spring 2022 when the premises will be handed over to the tenant and the rental agreement will commence.

“At present, the City’s children and family services are spread all over the city. The new family centre will gather all of these services so that children and families can get the help they need in one place. We also want to improve co-operation between the various professions,” says Mari Ahlström, Director of Family and Social Services in Espoo.

Espoo Municipality is growing fast and with approximately 290,000 inhabitants, is the second-largest municipality in Finland after the City of Helsinki. The renewal of central Espoo centre will continue, moving towards the goal of becoming a modern and more convenient city centre with new housing, businesses and jobs. Ongoing investments in infrastructure and public transport links are continuously improving the area.