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Hemsö awarded land-use approval in Umeå

- Non-regulatory information

Hemsö has been awarded land-use approval in Umeå and the Municipality of Umeå has commissioned Hemsö, along with Peab, to develop the area around Östra Station.

This block, which is close to public transport and has the university and hospital as its closest neighbours, encompasses a building totalling 16,500 sqm. The premises will include operations associated with the university and hospital, as well as a sports hall, offices and shops.

“We are pleased with the confidence that the Municipality of Umeå has placed in Hemsö by awarding us this project. Umeå is an exciting and growing city and we are keen to contribute to its development. The area surrounding Östra Station has many possibilities and we will do our best to harness its full potential,” says Jonas Jalkander, Head of Region North.

A key feature of the project is sustainability, with the ambition to achieve a high environmental certification. The focus will be on people, based on access to nature, light and green spaces, a high level of energy efficiency and smart traffic solutions promoting bicycling.