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Culture moves into Karlastaden

Hemsö welcomes Folkuniversitet to their new premises in Capella, Karlastaden’s public property on Lindholmen in Gothenburg.

Folkuniversitetet is investing in culture in new premises in Karlastaden. Here, the Ballet Academy and KV Konstskola will coexist with cultural events and open courses in the aesthetic field.

We are proud to be part of this investment in culture and education in Gothenburg. Creating an environment where people can grow and develop is a central part of our vision as a property company.

Hanna Tengberg, Project developer at Hemsö

Folkuniversitet’s establishment at Lindholmen gives them the opportunity to be part of the vibrant creative environment while having access to modern and appropriate premises.

Positive future for culture in Gothenburg

With the new establishment, Folkuniversitet can continue to offer high-quality education and artistic training in modern and inspiring premises. At the same time, Lindholmen will benefit from the cultural addition and strengthen its reputation as a diverse and dynamic place.

– At Hemsö, we look forward to being part of this positive development and to continuing to support initiatives that promote culture and education in society. We are convinced that investments in education and culture are crucial for the future of society, Hanna continues.

Folkuniversitet´s new location at Lindholmen in Gothenburg.
Folkuniversitet´s new location at Lindholmen in Gothenburg.

A safe and vibrant city district

The new Karlastaden district is emerging at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. It will be a new and modern mixed city for housing, offices, hotels, education, healthcare and commercial premises.

The area, once an industrial harbour site, has undergone an impressive transformation into a prominent area for knowledge, development, innovation and creativity.

Project Capella is a collaboration between Serneke, which develops Karlastaden and runs the construction projects, and Hemsö, which develops, manages and owns the public property.

Capella - Karlastaden's public property at Lindholmen in Gothenburg.
Capella – Karlastaden´s public property on Lindholmen in Gothenburg.