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Intergenerational house with meaningful meetings and community

What happens when a preschool and a nursing home interact with each other? Just over a year after the collaboration began in our intergenerational house in Upplands Väsby, both operations are fully booked and popular. According to the evaluation that has been done, the children have developed both in terms of social skills and language. The elderly have experienced improved memory and extra energy.

During the 22 meetings, six to eight residents and an equal number of preschool children have met. They have had story time, movement activities, and singing sessions, which have been appreciated and rewarding for both parties. Among the older participants who have attended more than five meetings, eight out of ten experience it as meaningful, and nine out of ten believe that it contributes to a better sense of community.

Fund Enables Joint Activities

Hemsö’s goal with the intergenerational house was to create a collaboration full of life and activity between the operations. To create the best conditions, the organization Generation Marianne was hired to train the staff, establish processes, and set common goals. Hemsö allocates money in a fund for the operations to carry out joint activities. There is a clear desire from both operations to increase by two to three additional meetings per week.

In the house, there are staff from the nursing home who have their children at the preschool, preschool children who have relatives at the nursing home, and other close relationships that work together in the house.

The commitment at Stockholm Sjukhem and Raoul Wallenberg Preschool has been a key factor for success.

Committed organisations

All of the sub-goals set up in the project have been achieved. A key factor for success is, of course, that Stockholm Sjukhem and Raoul Wallenberg Preschool have dedicated staff and managers who encourage and are very committed to ensuring that the collaboration works well.

The collaboration in the intergenerational house has:

  • created meaningful moments.
  • promoted personal development and well-being for both children and the elderly.
  • demonstrated how different age groups can enrich each other’s lives in a positive and lasting way.

Generation Marianne

  • builds bridges between generations with the aim of contributing to socially sustainable societies, as well as improving health and well-being at all ages.
  • educates and supports operations in Intergenerational work.