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Combined preschool and nursing home in Upplands Väsby

Combined preschool and nursing home in Upplands Väsby

Hemsö has signed a lease agreement and associated collaboration agreement with Stiftelsen Stockholms Sjukhem and Raoul Wallenbergskolan for a new nursing home and preschool in Upplands Väsby with room for 80 children and 80 elderly. The investment amounts to approximately SEK 230 million.

A generation house

Hemsö has developed a new generation house with a preschool and nursing home in the Fyrklövern area in Upplands Väsby. Hemsö has signed a 20-year lease with Stiftelsen Stockholms Sjukhem for the nursing home and a 15-year lease with Raoul Wallenbergskolan for the preschool. In addition, a collaboration agreement has been entered into which aims for the tenants to promote activities together and interact across the generational boundaries in order to enrich the lives of the residents of the nursing home and of the children at the preschool. Hemsö undertakes to set aside funds in a collaborative fund during the first five years of operation. The tenants can jointly apply for funds from the fund to carry out activities involving both businesses.

80 children and 80 elderly can fit in the new generation house and the design invites interaction between children and elderly. Both inside and in the yard there are meeting places for activities. On the ground floor, the preschool is housed and on the upper floors the nursing home with access to the roof terrace and common areas is housed. The outdoor environment has mainly been designed for the activities of the preschool, but is adapted to be useful for the residents of the nursing home and the public on weekends and evenings.

Three zones in the yard

The yard has been designed in three zones to offer an exciting and varied outing. Sustainable and non-toxic material choices have been used both inside and outside and are ensured through environmental certification according to the Swan. Construction started in the spring of 2021 and the new nursing home and preschool were ready for occupancy by the fourth quarter of 2022.

Stimulating environments at the combined preschool and nursing home in Upplands Väsby, Sweden.

Facts about the project


Upplands Väsby, Stockholm

Type of property:

Nursing home and preschool



Project duration:



Stiftelsen Stockholms sjukhem and Raoul Wallenbergsskolan for the preschool

Project scope:

80 elderly, 80 children

Environmental Certification: