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Hemsö acquires three social and health care properties in Tampere

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The city of Tampere sells two family support centers and an activity center to Hemsö. The operations in the properties continue with 15–20-year lease agreements. The investment amount is EUR 8.5 million.

Hemsö acquires three social and health care properties from the city of Tampere. The properties are the family support center Kuusikko, the family support center Päiväperho and the activity center Kämmenniemi.

The city of Tampere and Hemsö have signed 15–20-year lease agreements for the properties. At the beginning of the year, the contracts will be transferred to the Pirkanmaa welfare services county, which will be responsible for the area’s social and health care services in the future. The rental area is a total of approximately 4,000 square meters. Hemsö already owns two rescue stations in the same area.

“We want to strengthen our presence in Tampere, it is an attractive city for us. The properties we are acquiring now are important parts of the service network. We also want to expand our collaboration with the Pirkanmaa welfare services county, which will become our tenant immediately after the year end. We thank the city of Tampere for good cooperation. We would like to deepen our cooperation with the city within the services that the city will be responsible for in the future,” says Jarkko Leinonen, Head of Region, Finland at Hemsö.

According to Tampere’s Head of Real Estate Virpi Ekholm, the city will focus on owning and developing premises for the services the city is responsible for, such as pre-school education, basic education, and cultural and leisure services

“By selling properties used by social and health care, we finance the investments we need for the services we are responsible for,” says Virpi Ekholm.

The city has experience with Hemsö both as a landlord and now as a business partner.

“Hemsö has conveyed a professional approach both in the business and as a future landlord for Pirkanmaa welfare services county. A good landlord is also important to us as a city, because the welfare area will arrange social and health care in the future for our residents,” says Virpi Ekholm.

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