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Interim report January – March 2020

- Regulatory information

Summary January-March 2020

  • Rental income increased to SEK 797 million (723).
  • Profit from property management increased to SEK 445 million (423).
  • Changes in value of properties amounted to SEK 110 million (128) and changes in value of financial instruments to SEK -70 million (-51).
  • Profit after tax for the period declined to SEK 364 million (406).
  • Market value of investment properties amounted to SEK 57,300 million (49,559).
  • During the period eight properties (5) were acquired for SEK 210 million (2,348) and two properties (1) were divested for SEK3 million (58).

Hemsö’s low-risk business model and the strengths we have built up in the company become clearer in tougher market conditions, such as those brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Hemsö aims to be a long-term property partner to the public sector, and that applies in both good times and bad. Our strategy remains firm and it is important that we maintain business as usual to support

our suppliers, tenants and the public sector, says Nils Styf.