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Campus Tensta

A modern campus

Hemsö has acquired the buildings Tensta gymnasium and Tensta Träff, which are now undergoing extensive renovation and careful restoration to top condition. The vision is to create Campus Tensta, a place that once again is buzzing with life and characterized by high-quality education

The blue-listed buildings were designed by architect Gösta Uddén and are a mix of modernism and traditional Asian architecture. The school was inaugurated in 1984 but has been empty since 2019. Tensta Träff currently has a library and associations.

Hemsö’s vision

Access to quality education is a key factor for confidence in the future and positive life choices. Our vision is to create Campus Tensta – an educational campus where students of different ages and from all over Stockholm meet. We want upper secondary school, adult education and even higher education to be housed in the premises, along with activities for culture, innovation and entrepreneurship.

School during the day and associations in the evening create security with life and movement during much of the day. Through this long-term and major investment in Tensta, we can, together with partners, make a difference for the students, their families and society at large. 

Meaningful civil dialogue

Tensta Gymnasium and Tensta Träff cover just over 21,000 square meters. Dialogue with potential tenants and local associations is ongoing. A lease has been signed with Järva gymnasium.

Hemsö’s ambition is to have a broad dialogue with school operators and the local community. This also applies to associations in Tensta Träff. The needs and wishes of the residents of Tensta are important to us.

Hemsö took possession of the property on 1 April 2022. The school building is expected to be ready for occupancy by 2023/2024.

The architecture of Campus Tensta has a lot of windows that allows för the light to flow inte the premises.
The City of Stockholm and the City Museum assess that “the buildings are judged to have extremely high cultural-historical values” and have thus classified them as blue, which is the highest classification.

Fact about the project:


Tensta, Stockholm

Type of property:

School campus


Järva gymnasium, Adult education and association activities

Scope of project:

12,000 square meters

Project duration: