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Nursing home in Tyresö

Climate-smart nursing home

Hemsö has developed a new nursing home and short-term accommodation in central Tyresö. A 20-year lease has been signed with Stiftelsen Stora Sköndal. Sköndalsvillan is Sweden’s first Zero CO2-certified nursing home.

Hemsö has developed a new home for the elderly and short-term accommodation on its own land near the center of Tyresö. The leasable area amounts to approximately 7,000 square meters and also includes a small proportion of commercial space.

The retirement home in Tyresö has 80 apartments and the short-term housing has 12 apartments. There is a parking garage under the building. The first tenants moved in in May 2022.

Sweden’s first ZeroCO2-certified nursing home

Sköndalsvillan was a pilot project for Sweden Green Building Council’s (SGBC) new certification ZeroCO2 and is also certified according to Miljöbyggnad Gold. Climate impact according to NollCO2 includes, among other things, greenhouse gas emissions from the extraction of raw materials, transport and manufacturing, as well as greenhouse gas emissions caused by the building’s energy and water use.

The certification means that the property’s total climate impact in the production phase must be reduced by at least 30 percent compared to traditional construction. The part of the climate debt that remains after climate-smart measures have been carried out needs to be climate compensated through, for example, wind power, solar cell installations, tree planting and own energy projects in the existing property portfolio. The property will thus be climate neutral by 2030.

After applying the requirements for NollCO2, a hybrid frame between wood and concrete was chosen.

Other measures that have contributed to a lower carbon footprint are:

  • Accurate calculations for construction, which enabled smaller dimensions and less material consumption
  • Ventilation ducts made of insulation instead of metal
  • Recycled stone wool insulation with low energy consumption during production
  • All machines on the site during construction were powered by HVO diesel or electricity
  • New system for hot water circulation that reduces energy losses and water use as well as the risk of legionella
  • Solar cells on roofs and green roofs

Facts about the project:



Type of property:

Nursing home

Project scope:

7,000 sq.m, approx. 90 places


Stiftelsen Stora Sköndal



Project duration:


Environmental certification:

Miljöbyggnad Gold, Net zero CO2-certification