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Swimming facility in Myrsjö

Hemtag develops Myrsjö swimming facility in Nacka

Hemtag, which is equally owned by Hemsö and Tagebad, will develop, own and operate the swimming facility in Nacka. In addition to a swimming pool, the centre will include a gym with space for group training and study areas for young people.

New sustainable concept

The swimming facility will be built according to a completely new and sustainable concept, “Eco-bath”, with reduced energy consumption in both construction and operation. The building will be constructed with less use of concrete in favour of wood, and with a better indoor climate for the visitors.

The swimming facility will also generate a significantly lower CO₂ footprint, around 30-40 per cent less compared to traditionally built swimming facilities.

Delayed construction start
A red-listed woodpecker has its nesting site where Myrsjö’s new swimming facility is to be built. Nesting sites for red-listed species are covered by species protection, which in this case means that extensive measures must be put in place to ensure the population is secured. The issue of species protection means that the timetable for the construction of Myrsjö swimming facility is affected, but we do not yet know how much. Measures will be implemented and followed up on. The hope is that a new habitat can be created and become attractive to the woodpeckers.

In the original schedule, construction was planned to start in 2023.

I am happy and proud of the results of the procurement process, which will result in a unique swimming and wellness centre in Myrsjö. A sustainable approach, high quality in operations and great added values will make the swimming facility an attractive meeting place for Nacka residents without the municipality being responsible for construction costs or risk-taking in the operation of the facility. This is something that benefits everyone!

Mats Gerdau, Chairman of the municipal council (M)

Facts about the project



Type of property:

Swimming facility


Nacka municipality

Scope of project:

5,300 sq.m.

Project duration: