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Hemsö has developed a secondary school for a thousand students in Zossen, south of Berlin. The project was Hemsö’s first school project in Germany and was carried out through a jointly owned company with the City of Zossen, where Hemsö owns 90 percent and the City of Zossen owns 10 percent.

The tenant is the city of Zossen, which has signed a 20-year lease. The school will accommodate a thousand students and covers 16,250 square meters.

We create a modern school and a good working environment for the students. There is a great need for renovation and new construction of public schools in Germany, and Hemsö’s experience of project development in Sweden makes us a strong partner for German municipalities.”
Jens Nagel, Head of Germany.

The school was completed in the second quarter of 2021.

Facts about the project:



Type of property:

primary and secondary school, gym


The city of Zossen

Scope of project:

19 250 square meters, 1000 students

Project duration: