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Start / Annual Report 2023

We strengthen the backbone of society

Hemsö's business concept is to sustainably own, manage and develop public properties. We meet the growing need for social infrastructure. With the Third Swedish National Pension Fund as our majority owner, we contribute to creating sustainable growth for Swedish pensions.

CEO statement

We have a long-term perspective in everything we do

We are leaving behind a turbulent 2023. The year was characterised by geopolitical uncertainty as well as high interest rates, inflation and construction costs. Despite the market situation, Hemsö increased its rental income and net operating income by 18 and 20 per cent respectively compared with the previous year.

I am proud of all the fantastic work done by Hemsö’s organisation over the past year!

Hemsö in numbers

The key figures below are for the period January-December 2023.

488 no.
Property value
82624 SEK million
Lettable area
2458 tsqm
Rental duration
9.5 years
Rental income
4818 SEK million
Profit from property management
2345 SEK million
Financial information

Tenant to Hemsö – a good deal for everyone

With Hemsö as property owner, tenants get a stable and secure partner. We have chosen to focus on what we are good at – developing, owning and managing properties for public use.

  • Life and movement in the park

    The New Sports Centre in Lund is used by six different schools during the day and the gym is open from morning to late evening. This creates activity in S:t Larsparken for a large part of the day.

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  • The city that took action to improve energy use

    During the year, Hemsö completed the energy optimisation of the Turku hospital. Resulting in better energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality.

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  • Innovative nursing home in Büttelborn

    From pioneer to flagship project: the Büttelborn care home is the first of its kind in Germany that Hemsö has developed and built in-house.

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A new rental solution attracting interest

Swimming facilities and public baths are traditionally owned by the municipality. In Nacka municipality, a new model has been tested where the property company Hemtag builds and operates the new Myrsjö swimming facility and leases the facility to the municipality for more than 30 years.

We have the eyes of the entire municipal sector in Sweden on us. There is great interest in our solution

Ekobad is a smart and innovative solution with focus on sustainability. The swimming facility is well thought out in all areas, and this was confirmed by the external expert who reviewed the bids on our behalf. The fact that Hemsö and Tagehus Holding are behind Ekobad is another positive factor. In Nacka, we have worked with Hemsö before. It is a solid company with knowledge and a long-term approach.

Anders Mebius
former Director of Culture and Leisure at Nacka Municipality.
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From barracks to Campus

The soldiers are gone, and instead there is now room for 2,400 students in the magnificent, newly renovated premises at the Polacksbacken Campus in Uppsala.

Completed projects 2023

During the year, we completed 21 projects totalling 650 new retirement home places and 3,010 new school places.

  • Nursing home in Östersund

    Construction inspired by the mountains and the culture of Jämtland.

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  • The Stavsborg school in Nacka

    The reuse of materials from the former school lives on in a new form.

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  • Kristiansborgsbadet i Västerås

    Västerås’ favourite K-labeled swimming facility is finally open again after a carefully executed renovation.

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Ongoing projects

The total volume of ongoing new construction and refurbishment projects amounts to SEK 5,746 million, of which the remaining investment amounts to SEK 3,691 million.

  • Campus Tensta

    Our vision is to create Campus Tensta – an educational campus where students of different ages and from all over Stockholm meet.

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  • Campus Polacksbacken

    Hemsö is developing a university campus in the centre of Uppsala. The property Kronåsen 1:15 consists of 20 buildings.

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  • Novum

    Extensive refurbishment and energy optimisations in the property Medicinaren 19 in  Flemingsberg, Huddinge.

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Some of the construction starts in 2023

During the year, we started construction on 14 development projects.

  • Visionsbild av Vänersborgs Tingsrätt

    Vänersborg District Court

    The new district court will be built on Hemsö’s property Grävlingen 28 with the Swedish National Courts Administration as tenant.

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  • Herttoniemi preschool

    Hemsö is developing a preschool for 224 children in the Herttoniemi district of Helsinki.

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  • Nursing home in Bredäng

    Hemsö is developing a nursing home in Bredäng, south of Stockholm, with room for 62 residents.

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We want our colleagues, tenants and investors to be proud of what we do today and tomorrow. This is what we believe is the key to an infinitely sustainable workplace and company.

Employer of the Year

Hemsö has been awarded best employer of the year in the Brilliant Awards – Employee Experience – an annual award for service organisations that have succeeded in creating a working climate with many highly committed employees.

  • Culture and values

    The desire to achieve sustainable development for ourselves and our
    tenants runs like a golden thread through Hemsö’s culture.

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  • Health and work-life balance

    We aim to be a health leader by taking a proactive approach to health and well-being at work

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  • Diversity and inclusion

    Variation in terms of gender, age and background is important for Hemsö’s development
    and competitiveness.

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